And if ‘safety’ means a new level of normality

Do external hard drives need power?Hard drives are electronic devices that need power from some external source, but that’s not to say that all external hard drives need to be plugged into a wall. Most can typically draw enough power over the same USB connection that they use for transferring data, but larger HDDs may require an external AC adapter that will come with the hard drive. This isn’t a huge problem for most but it is something to be aware of if power outlets are prime real estate where you’re going to be setting up your drive..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Harry Kane confirms every Tottenham star has had coronavirus test ahead of group training returnWhat I do know, when I look around me at everyday signs of life on building sites, in food stores, on the roads is that the country appears to be ready to loosen the shackles of lockdown.Is the return of football worth a single life? Of course not.Coronavirus is still claiming hundreds of casualties every day and sport cannot camouflage so much heartbreak around us.But the football industry makes a significant contribution to the economy.The Premier League generates nearly 4billion a year in tax and some of that tax goes towards supporting the NHS and our front line staff.Premier League stars to stand their ground and snub Project RestartAfter talking to people in and around the game, about 80 or 90 per cent of players on the books at New Era Global Sports 100 players at all levels are now prepared to comply with all the safety directives, the testing regime and make a phased return to training.I understand the reservations of people like Watford captain Troy Deeney when he says: “The Government say we can go back to work from June 1 but we can’t get a haircut until mid July. We’re doing all this testing to get footballers back to work and then the NHS, care workers and the people on the front line don’t have enough tests How do you justify that?”Deeney only became a father again in December, so I understand his first instinct is to shield his young family from a virus and good on him. Family comes first.For balance, Wolves captain Conor Coady says playing behind closed doors is “not the most ideal situation” but he understands it is necessary if football is to make a return.I accept it’s got to be the players’ prerogative if they don’t want to play and they exercise their option not to take part in Project Restart.But after my former club doctor, Tim Stevenson, said in last week’s column that football would only be ready to come back when we reach a tipping point where the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, I do sense that we are closer to that tipping point.You can’t wait until a vaccine for Covid 19 is found because scientists may never find one.And if ‘safety’ means a new level of normality, we need to accept the new ‘normal’ will be different.This is not just about the Premier League. wholesale nfl jerseys

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