Batchelor is also an actor in an upcoming movie

The draft best big bodied WR, Michael Pittman, was a Round 2 steal. Henderson at No. 9 overall and LB K Chaisson at No. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)Many of the virtual events begin with an ad for the “official Trump 2020 app” that exhorts viewers to “forget the mainstream media” and “get your facts straight from the source” as tribal drums pulsate and a graphic of a silver phone emblazoned with Trump’s portrait spins across the screen. Throughout the broadcast, alerts pop on the screen allowing the audience to buy Trump merchandise, including shot glasses, playing cards and an “official freedom hat.”Perrine said regular hosts and guests were mailed equipment to enable them to set up home studios, and given light kits, microphones and cables to ensure the high quality production values. “They’ve got signs and coffee mugs and things to put up branding in the background because it all matters in the larger picture of how we put forward the president’s campaign,” Perrine said.

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Two National Championships? Coaching against Urb is a big step up from SDSU and Ball State for the jokester. It would not surprise me if Urb embarrassed the jokester down the road and knowing the Urbs flair for running it up he will take great pride in rubbing Mr. Jokes face in it.

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