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Are you a coffee drinker? There are not many folks who don’t enjoy a cup of Jo! But there is hardly a month that goes by where the subject of the health effects of coffee does not make the news. It seems whether in print or on television, the conclusions either tell us to drink more or to stay away from it completely. I don’t know about you but regardless of the media chatter, this is what Franz concludes from his research..

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While the cigarette trend in the 1950’s made a huge push in cigarettes sales, cigarette companies began to look further into the horizon and would further expand its popularity among the masses of Americans including teenagers. Cigarettes became a huge hit on movie screens and people’s favorite actors started to display the image of smoking cigarettes and making it look “cool”. Movies that displayed young rebellious teenagers smoking cigarettes and showing that if they smoke too they can look cool like the actors on television.

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