(Courtesy of Alice Matthews); Maria Linda Sun, 19

Absolutely no way would I want a kid playing sports in a month or anytime this year or anytime until there is an effective treatment and/or an effective immunization. School is another serious issue. Are the kids going to cram into desks next to each other, use crowded cafeterias and restrooms (probably with germ spreading hand dryers)? Are they going to walk to school or pack into buses? Maybe you think your kids are immune and you are too.

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Thankfully, the actors all add texture to their characters, bringing them to life even if the movie itself seems uninterested in anything beneath the surface. Coster Waldau is terrific at capturing Jacob’s inner decency and steely survival instinct as he transforms from a slick financial analyst into a muscled killing machine. But of course it’s his internal journey that is far more interesting.

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