“His comments came after NHS England national medical

The spokesman added: “Manchester continues to treat patients and Harrogate and Bristol are ready to take patients to ease pressure on existing hospitals if and when required.”Sunderland opened last week and is not expecting to treat patients imminently, Exeter is currently being built and is expected to be operational later this month.”The emergency Nightingale hospitals were speedily created amid fears that the NHS was on course to be overwhelmed by an influx of coronavirus patients, but intensive care demand in recent weeks has fallen short of the levels initially feared.In addition to the Manchester, Birmingham and London sites, Nightingale hospitals have also been set up in Bristol, Harrogate, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast.The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “The fact that the Nightingales have not had to be used in a significant way is testament to the sacrifices of the British public and the hard work of the NHS in keeping the infection rate down and ensuring that extra capacity is made available in existing hospitals.”His comments came after NHS England national medical director Stephen Powis on Sunday said he was confident there is capacity for the NHS to cope with future demand amid the Covid 19 crisis.”At no time did we run out of capacity either in our general wards or in our intensive care units,” Prof Powis said during Downing Street’s daily press conference.”There’s always a large number of intensive care beds that could’ve been brought on if we needed them, including those in the Nightingale. That is, until he started wearing nail polish (even more) regularly this last year. I loved One Direction back in the day.

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