I think right now, Congress is too busy to worry

Fortunately, beyond the rapids was a stretch of fairly calm water. There the rafters swam held afloat by their rugged, rafting grade PFDs and regrouped at their overturned raft. In the shallows, they righted the craft and clambered aboard. This set is not over produced but what really sets this card apart is condition. The rookie cards in this set (MOST of whom are not rookies by the way) all have a silver foil background but it’s extraordinarily weak foil. It scratches if you breathe on it making these cards extremely condition sensitive.

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Wearing stilettos, commonly defined as skinny heels over 3 or 4 inches in height, can put your body out of alignment and strain your back, hips, knees, ankles or feet. Fortunately, today’s comfort shoe brands offer attractive, stylish alternatives for women. However, if you insist on stilettos, be aware that you could potentially cause long term issues if you are not careful.

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“There are a lot of arguments and disagreements about the rights of players,” Boeheim told me during a recent conversation on ESPN Radio Syracuse. “I think it has to go to Congress to come up with some uniform passageway for kids to get their rights. I think right now, Congress is too busy to worry about that..

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