If the bombing error of all crews can be reduced to

The Bears ventured up to Corvallis after narrowly nabbing a tie in their last game a Senior Day faceoff against Colorado. The Bears had gone down 1 0 in the 67th minute, and a nail biter ensued until senior defender Emi Lawson came through in the clutch with movie worthy heroics to score the equalizer with four seconds remaining in regulation. The game remained tied through overtime, giving Cal its fifth tie of the season..

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Cheap Jerseys from china This percentage of bombs wide of the aiming point coincides almost exactly with the percentage which fell at similar distances on the practice ranges during May. These errors are too great for, not only is the bombsight capable of achieving errors of less than 100 yards from 10,000 feet, but errors below this figure are consistently achieved by a number of crews in the Group, not only on the ranges but also on operations.If the bombing error of all crews can be reduced to the level of the best 25%, it will be equivalent to doubling the effective striking power of the Group.I, therefore, make a special appeal to the bombing team for practice and yet more practice; in accurate flying; in executing the small alterations of course during the bombing run, and in the quick test of the sight to ensure that it is producing the correct sighting angle and is properly aligned. These may seem small matters, but it is on details such as these, that our efficiency as a Bomber Group depends.I want every crew to realise that each stick of bombs which can be dropped even a few yards nearer the marker, will directly affect the duration of the war. Cheap Jerseys from china

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