If this was an emergency that required evacuation

You only touch your own putter grip and golf ball, doing your part to stop the spread of COVID 19.The Cup Caddie is now in use at all four Play Golf Calgary facilities, while several other local courses have placed an order.They made some changes on the fly to improve the durability of the product. As long as it holds up, it not far fetched to think this handy gadget could become a permanent fixture at your favourite track.were looking for ways to put our manufacturing to good use, Beda explained. Manufactured and helped with some medical equipment for COVID and when that supply was filled up really well in Alberta, we turned our attention back to fun how do we get these golf courses going and how do we all get out and get some fresh air and some more mental and physical health?it came to getting the ball out of that common space known as the hole, we knew we had to come up with some solution.

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