Makes the Saint Louis School graduate an oddity in

A big tune for me right now, Mike is Wonderland by a band called Lona. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff yet, I really recommend them. I’m also big into The 1975 and we have had that on whenever the kids let us listen to something other than Baby Shark..

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Cheap Jerseys from china In a clinic controlled by Taliban militants, health care workers in light green personal protective wear hand out rubber gloves and masks, while others test the temperature of a suspected patient with a digital thermometer.Image: A health worker checks the body temperature of a devotee as a preventive measure against the COVID 19 coronavirus before the Friday prayers on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at Wazir Akbar Khan mosque (WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP Getty Images file)The Taliban health workers who spoke to NBC News none of them qualified doctors said that each area under the group’s control had a commandeered madrassa, or religious school, that had been converted into a quarantine center, and said that the group’s medical leaders known as the health commission had ordered large amounts of personal protective equipment.But in a rare moment of self criticism, some members of the Taliban said their early response to the pandemic had been lackluster.There have been 8,676 confirmed cases of the virus in Afghanistan, and 193 deaths, according to Ministry of Health figures published by the WHO, which added that cases were expected to increase.The United Nations agency responsible for humanitarian affairs, OCHA, reported that by mid May there were nine testing laboratories operating across the country, but there are none inside Taliban controlled territory, and it was not clear how much of a difference the militants’ coronavirus efforts were making.Image: 27 year old Afghan cyclist Idrees Syawash talks to residents during his awareness campaign against the COVID 19 coronavirus in the Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar province (Noorullah Shirzada / AFP Getty Images)A medical student visiting family in the northern province of Kunduz, Said Ekram, 28, told NBC News that ordinary life in Taliban controlled areas had changed very little despite the coronavirus outbreak.”People attend to prayers in the mosques and weddings are normally attended,” he said, cheap jerseys adding that nobody was wearing masks or gloves in his area, no awareness program had been launched, and only people who have traveled from foreign countries, like hard hit Iran, are being checked for health problems.’It’s a mess’In working to ameliorate the effects of the coronavirus, the Taliban is wading into a health crisis that predates the pandemic by many years.Afghanistan ranks 168th in the world in infant mortality rate, 176th for maternal mortality and 173rd in life expectancy of all citizens, according to the most recently available World Bank data.And according to Kate Clark, the co director of the independent and not for profit research group, the Afghan Analysts Network, a lockdown designed to protect health care systems that are “poor to nonexistent” makes little sense in a hand to mouth subsistence economy,”Some districts don’t have doctors,” she said. “It’s confusing. It’s a mess.”But in Helmand province, residents said Taliban officials oversee hospitals that are nominally government run, and there were some benefits to this during a health crisis.”Believe me, the doctors and other health workers are very punctual in their duties where they are managed by the Taliban,” said Abul Khaliq, resident of Helmand’s Marja.The Taliban have long been known for using intimidation and fear to maintain order in the areas they control, but some residents and local functionaries have also tended to consider their administration more efficient and less corrupt.Ashley Jackson, a research associate at the Overseas Development Institute who has done extensive work in Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan, said she understood, based on conversations with friends in the country’s north, that the Taliban were not actually doing Cheap Jerseys china very much on the groundThey have been “savvy and quite creative” in their propaganda about pandemic responses far more so than the Afghan government, she added.But like others who spoke to NBC News, Jackson said the most useful weapon the Taliban could offer to combat the outbreak would be an end to fighting Cheap Jerseys from china.

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