Several of my colleagues have asked our company to

We were starting out. We were a young couple, not unlike you and Heather when I first met you guys. I really didn’t know where to go from it, but we did know at some point, we wanted to grow it. Several of my colleagues have asked our company to get passes issued but that hasn been done either. We have had to make up excuses while returning to Noida, an IT startup company employee, who travels from Noida to Delhi via DND Flyway, saidWith state governments yet to iron out the issues, confusion reigns supreme at borders. Saw on that the border has opened and that is why I was trying to go to Delhi to visit my in laws but police didn let me through they said the border continues to be sealed for non essential personnel, Sandhya, a commuter trying to cross the Chilla border, saidThe GB Nagar district magistrate and police commissioner had released a joint statement Thursday clarifying that the border status quo continues to be maintained until further instructions from the state government.

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