Single hits on each side of a record were on 7 inch

While infection rates have been falling in Asia and much of Europe, the pandemic is still spiking in Latin America. Brazil this week became the world third worst hit country with more than 250,000 confirmed cases despite limited testing. In Lima, the capital of Peru, coronavirus patients are filling up the city intensive care beds..

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When we wanted to listen to our music, we had to have a record player and records. Single hits on each side of a record were on 7 inch 45 RPMs, while hits on albums were on the 12 inch long play (LP) 33 1/3 RPMs. I remember buying a lot of Elvis Presley 45 hits such as “Love Me Tender” and “Jail House Rock.” The problem with the records was that they tended to scratch easily, and if they got warped, the needle would skip all around the record.

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I start a million projects, all at once, or I start nothing at all and watch terrible reality TV with my laptop open and unused beside me. But it’s fine, because isn’t that how some days are for everyone? And besides, no one’s watching. Or listening.

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cheap nfl jerseys Americans have made it abundantly clear they want their elected representatives to be working on infrastructure, health care and immigration. That is what a whooping 80 percent said in the poll. Democrats have accomplished virtually nothing in five months leading the House cheap nfl jerseys.

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