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Terminating someone for cause implies a negative relationship, and there may not be so don’t start one. If this is a person you trust who just can’t meet the demands of the job, is there really a reason to escort them off the premises? Is there a reason to end their job that day or would a transition plan of a few days be beneficial to both you and the individual? If the person doesn’t leave immediately, discuss a mutually agreeable way to communicate to colleagues. Typically, people are asked not to say anything until the manager can communicate with the rest of the team, or asked to keep it to their closest coworkers.

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Numerous options for activities abound at the resort, from the adults only pool overlooking the Blackbank River and the sprawling pool at the Beach Club, to tennis, watersports, and fishing. If you want to explore the surrounding areas of St. Simon’s Island, Sea Island rents top of the line BMWs to guests for free.

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