The groove is actually used to take out your phone

Based on down and distance and where they at with time that what leads to his at the next play, it an extremely well educated guess. Nostradamus himself would be proud.just lucky to be here right now and have this position and be apart of it, Romo said. A really special event and obviously a big deal, as you can tell.

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Under Norvell, Memphis has won 26 games, as many as his predecessor, Justin Fuente, won in four seasons and more than Rip Scherer (remember him?) could win in six. With merely five wins this fall count on them Norvell will move into fifth on the Tigers’ all time wins chart. Still just 37 years old (he turns 38 on October 11th), Norvell’s fourth Memphis team has been picked to win its division of the American Athletic Conference a third straight season.

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Just a heads up, the groove on on the bottom of the case positioned center left is not to open the flip cover. The flip cover is by no means locked down. The groove is actually used to take out your phone in case you decide not to use the battery case temporarily.

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Appointments are required.At the Good Shepherd Church, 190 S. Main Street, Wilkes Barre, tax assistance will be available on Tuesdays through April 7. Monday through Friday to make an appointment to have your taxes prepared at the Good Shepherd Church.

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