The importance of foot care as an extended part of

The administration has been looking to build up the ability to produce drugs and their raw materials in the United States after the global pandemic exposed the industry’s dependence on China and India for its supply chain.It said it had already started making pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms for over a dozen essential medicines to treat hospitalized patients with COVID 19 related illnesses. It has delivered over 1.6 million doses of five essential generic medicines used to treat COVID 19 patients to the US Strategic National Stockpile.Many of these medicines are in shortage and have previously been imported. India and China account for a vast majority of active pharmaceutical ingredients used to make drugs in the United States.Phlow has partnered with other groups including Civica Rx, Ampac Fine Chemicals and the Medicines for All Institute to manufacture the medicines.All pharmaceutical products by Phlow will be made in the United States, according to the company’s website.

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