There’s no boardwalk, barely a beach, but it’s as

Fifteen years ago, I moved to the town where I now live. There’s no boardwalk, barely a beach, but it’s as much a part of the Shore as Belmar, Asbury, LBI. My house, fronting a bay, is not much to look at call it a cigar box on pilings but the view is spectacular: marsh, water, sky..

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I’m not casting aspersions here, but look, we know we’re America’s poorest [big] city. And we’re fat. And we smoke. This is a city that knows how to drink. That knows how to drink well. And we owe a lot of that to our bars the drinking establishments that are very good at what they do, that keep up with trends (or know when to ignore them), that pour bottles of murky natural wines or brew refermented beer in alleyways.

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Two Decades of Poster ArtRobert’s heyday of poster art was in the sixties and seventies where he did Bond, several comedies, Blaxplotation films and even some saucy posters for some soft core titillation. He has been attributed to over 50 odd posters and there are sure to be more. It is hard to get a true number as there is no clear catalogues of his work..

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