Thomas decision: After extensive membership

That would be news to the MIAC, which said this in the May 22 news release announcing the St. Thomas decision: After extensive membership discussions, the University of St. Thomas will be involuntarily removed from membership in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC).

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Henry coached track for 15 years, so he taught his sons how to run with proper technique from an early age. During summers while Devin and Donovan were in high school, they’d sprint with parachutes on their backs and take part in other speed specific drills. That gave them an edge over some athletes who worked out with no clear purpose or guidance, Henry said..

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Instead of having a first down via the penalty and being able to score a touchdown or drain the clock before kicking a field goal, the Saints had to kick a go ahead field goal then. That left the Rams with time to kick a tying field goal in regulation. They prevailed, 26 23, in overtime..

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