Two thirds of the league qualifies

It’s about the people talking. It’s not, like, a Terrence Malick movie, with like, these sweeping vista shots of Arkansas. Alabama was close enough that it still felt like the world I had in my head.. In Ethiopia, more than half the population are Orthodox Christians. People attend church on Christmas day, and are given candles as they enter the church. After lighting their candles the entire congregation processes three times around the church.

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Trump likewise asked a hundred or so legislators to join this council, including 32 House members and 64 senators, a number that included all the Senate Republicans except Mitt Romney of Utah. (What would he possibly know about business or state government or health care?) Senators who spoke to the president also made it clear that reopening anything could not happen until a full fledged testing regime was in place. Trump reportedly believes that’s not his problem..

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