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I know those houses of worship want to protect them. Ensuring that maybe they can’t go this week if there’s a high number of COVID cases, maybe they wait another week.”Public health officials have documented multiple instances where the virus has potentially spread during religious services.Two people infected with COVID 19 passed the virus to more than 30 people during church gatherings in Arkansas in early March, before the first case was ever diagnosed in that state, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published this month. Last month, Sacramento County health officials said one third of confirmed cases of COVID 19 in the county were tied to church gatherings.Despite the restrictions states have placed on gatherings such as in person religious services, a number of faith leaders have defied those orders.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping If you had asked me what I thought of online therapy sessions before the coronavirus pandemic, I would have said, trying my best not to sound dismissive, “Well, I’m sure they can be helpful in certain ways but I wouldn’t call them therapy.”What I meant was that online therapy seemed to go against the core of what I do as a therapist, which is to be present, literally and figuratively, with my patients. It’s not just the words people say or even the visual cues that therapists notice in person the foot that shakes, the quivering lower lip, the eyes narrowing in anger. Beyond hearing and seeing, there’s the energy in the room, the being together in a shared space with no distractions, the mutual carrying of silences in the few feet between therapist and patient all of which contribute to the patient’s experience of “feeling felt.” You lose that ineffable dimension when you aren’t sharing the same physical space, which is why a colleague once said that screen to screen is like “doing therapy with a condom on.”[Full coverage of the coronavirus pandemic]But then came covid 19, and with shelter at home orders in place, I had no choice but to do remote sessions Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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